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Effective content marketingBy RACHEL FOSTER

Not even $out of 10 marketers think their content marketing is effective. Yet, 86% of B2B marketers use content to attract and retain customers, according to the same report (CMI’s B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, & Trends).

What are the 38% of marketers who say they ARE effective doing differently from the rest of us?

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Business bloggingWhenever EBT consults on the art of business blogging, we get questions about platform. What is the best way to go for bloggers (both personal and corporate)?

Our answer is the same: WordPress.

And here’s why. We could call John’s article: “The reasons to ditch whatever else you are using.”

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From online content to Big Databy David Germano

Much has been written about the importance of brands embracing storytelling — or, at the very least, becoming better at creating more dynamic audience-facing narratives. The goal of advanced content marketing is to enhance a brand’s ability to influence behavior through sustained content creation, fundamentally changing how audiences perceive that brand.

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There are specific challenges to those seeking to tweet to B2B audiences — how to hit the sweet spot that interests those networks you want to penetrate. How to craft your messages so they don’t sound like crude sales or wooden boilerplate. How do you avoid dull broadcasting?

David Moth shared six shining examples on the Econsultancy blog.
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The shift to owned mediaby David Germano

Fast, dramatic changes in the digital space have given brand marketers new opportunities to earn and sustain the consumer’s attention without paid media. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to name just three, empower brands to communicate directly with an audience.
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In B2B marketing, you aren’t interested in broad audiences. How many people can walk you through a complex sales? The decision-makers live in tight specific social networks. And they like to explore options on LinkedIn.

You don’t want to broadcast a one-to-many sales drumbeat in such places. Everyone will tune you out. Get into the many-to-many. And what better way thant to create your own interest group?

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Nothing suits B2B marketing like LinkedInLinkedIn is the probably best social medium for connecting with specific networks of decision-makers. That’s why it often looms large in the social marketing of B2B.

So how do you connect with networks of potential clients? Provide a service.

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Quick review by Eric Brandt

42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics by Rob Sanders (downloadable pdf)

It is becoming obvious that the goal is not simply more traffic (which is fairly easy to generate) — but more traffic of a particular kind. And that particular kind is your targeted audience that can be drawn by skillfully crafted content to convert.

How do we know if that is happening? In the Mad Men days, the effectiveness was judged by anecdote, by hunch, by gut, by word of mouth. Here in his latest book, Rob Sanders offers a basic approach to understanding the effectiveness of the user jouney you have created for potential customers.

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EBT do's and don'ts of QR codeQR Codes have promised huge changes in how we pay, how we record information, how we remember things we see.

In some places QRCs have thrived — Starbucks is the foremost example. Some people show their tickets with QRCodes on their phone. But the system has revealed problems. Often advertising is too far away for smartphones to capture their QRCodes. Somes photo angles don’t capture the information correctly and you don’t know until you get home.

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